Principal's Address

  • What do our young people need now?
  • Thinking about the stressful life of young people, I would like to ask a question, 'In the midst of very tight schedules, what do our young people need now?' They have to spend over eight hours in school, and another several hours on their assignments, revision or tutorial class after the lessons. I believe all of these arrangements are good for our young people, as they have to get themselves well prepared for the various examinations ahead of them

    No matter whether they are internal or external examinations, our young people have to make every effort to make the best use of the time available and strive to meet the requirements of various assessments starting from the first interview in their lives in order to be admitted by their ideal secondary schools (applicable to primary school pupils), or dream faculties/ departments of the universities in Hong Kong or overseas (applicable to secondary school leavers). Apart from striking a better balance between studies and activities as it is also our aim to help students have wholesome personal growth, I would like to ask a question, 'What do young people need now?'

    I have recently read a book, written by Dr. HF Lam about Ten Outstanding Young Persons in 2015, which has given me some insights into one of many perspectives in response to that question.

    Dr. HUNG Chi Wan Emily is a specialist on Paediatrics. She should be very intelligent, a gifted child when she was young. This was a sensible guess I suppose though it was not mentioned by the writer. But her success in academic attainments, being awarded a degree with first class honours by the Faculty of Medicine of CUHK, was not merely due to her intelligence and talents.  Her serious attitude towards academic work can date back to her way of studies in her elementary education. She reflected that she had spent lots of time on her studies when she was young. Her aspirations for perfection and perseverance enabled Dr. Hung to establish a very strong foundation, which paved the way for her future success. She had the strong willpower of not to put up with any erroneous concepts or misunderstanding in her studies. Dr. Hung was able to achieve stunningly brilliant results because of her unrelenting pursuit of knowledge and skills in the study of medicine. Thus, young people need to realize that striving for excellence is a painstaking process and overcoming learning hurdles with perseverance is essential to their studies. The story of Dr. Hung does give us much inspiration.

    When I am writing this piece of sharing, I think about the destinations of our S6 graduates. According to our survey, there are 42 students taking degree programmes in  September 2016. Ten students study abroad while 135 out of 158 students have further studies in Hong Kong. May I wish them all the best in their future endeavours. As what Dr. Hung has demonstrated, what young people need now should be working relentlessly with a clear goal to work and serve, as well as having aspirations for perfection.

    • Ms Chan Ka Lai


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