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Mr Lai Pak Tim

Mr Lai has served as a teacher librarian in this college for more than ten years. He had finished the Bachelor programme of library studies held by Hong Kong University in 1999. He will further his study by joining the Master programme of Hong Kong University in the field of library in 2004. Mr. Lai likes to drink Chinese tea and coffee. He also likes to travel with his family.

Miss J. Tang

Miss Tang is a conscientious helper of this school library. She had received library service training and has worked in school library for over ten years. Her knowledge on library contributes the school library very much. Besides working in the school library, Miss Tang takes pleasure in playing piano and flute.
Library Prefect
The cheerful Library Prefects are very important helpers of this school library.
Having any enquiries, please contact our hotline at (852) 2606-6634
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