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Library users are advised NOT to violate the regulations listed below, otherwise punishment will be imposed.

- Students should only enter the library during the opening hour (8:30a.m - 4:45p.m.).
- Students should borrow library resources with their own student cards.
- Students should return books puntually or else they will be fined.
- The loan duration library resources is as follows:
Items Loan Duration
2 weeks
1 week
1 week
Used in the library
Used in the library
- Students who lost library book are required to buy the same title for replacement.
- Students should keep the library clean and tidy. They should also keep silence inside the library.
- Students should not bring school bags or other bags into the library.
Having any enquiries, please contact our hotline at (852) 2606-6634
Webmaster of CWGC School Library