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The school library of Christian Alliance Cheng Wing Gee College opened in 1985. At the beginning, the library could only provide very limited of books for students to read. Having written hundreds of letters to different companies, the school library received some donation of books and started the service of book circulation. Time passed quickly, the collections of resource in the school library has increased to twenty thousands of books and different formats of resource.

The school library has been computerized since 1986. With the help of our colleague, Mr. Cheng Choi, the school library began to input the information of English books into computer and printed the catalogue cards. However, in order to improve the efficiently use of library resource, the school library was fully computerized in 1992, earlier than the computerization of public libraries.
In the future, we expect that the school library can still be improved to meet the challenge of the information era. We hope to strengthen our electronic service for our users.
Having any enquiries, please contact our hotline at (852) 2606-6634
Webmaster of CWGC School Library