Welcome to Executive Secretarial Department

Arise, Shine!

Scope of work

The Executive Secretary Department (ESD) is responsible for the administrative management and support for school. Responsibilities include:

  1. Schedule school events and duty roasters,
  2. Compile documents related to development planning cycle,
  3. Collect and analyze data for school self-evaluation,
  4. Prepare forms for various school administrative work,
  5. Review and proofread school documents, e.g. publications, pamphlets, newsletter, school plans and reports, etc
  6. Supervise and manage duties of ATs, TAs, AOs, etc

Team Members


  • Ms. Lo Mei Yee Aideo

  • Members:

  • Ms. Chan Ho Ying (Deputy)
  • Ms. Leung Wai Ying (Deputy)
  • Mr. Choy Tsz Kit
  • Ms. Yip Wing Man

Department Annual Plan