We believe every child is unique and every child can be their own remarkable!

Our Beliefs

Theme: Empowering students to be their own remarkable!
Time Scale
2021-22 2022-23 2023-24
  1. Be Positive
    To cultivate in students a set of positive values through the formal curriculum,
    informal curriculum and Pastoral Care programmes
  1. Be Committed
    To sustain and deepen students’ sense of commitment with respect to their
    roles in their personal lives, society and country
  1. Be Connected
    To promote positive school connectedness at the individual, classroom and
    school level to sustain a caring school climate

Stages of development:  Awareness  Building Pilot  Develop

Committee Members

Mr. Leung Ping Kuen
  [Head of Discipline Department]
Mr. Chu Kut Leung
  [Head of Guidance and Counselling Department]
Mr. Lam Ho Wai
  [Head of Career Planning and Guidance Department]
Ms Wong Hei Tung
  [Head of Co-curricular Activities Department]
Mr. Choy Tsz Kit
  [Head of Civic, Moral, Nationalistic, Sex, Health and Environment Education Department]
Ms Wong Ka Wan
  [Head of Religion and Outreaching Department]
Mr. Yuen Kwan Hung
  [Head of Student Affairs Department]
Ms Wong Oi Man
  [Head of SEN Student Support Development]

Committee Annual Plan