Our Beliefs

- Our Shared Belief and Mutual Goals

  1. create an active learning classroom and spark students’ learning enthusiasm
  2. play a guidance role to provide counselling and coaching to students
  3. give full support to the class union in fostering class spirit and collaboration
  4. keep the class with good order and discipline
  5. help reinforce the school rules, regulation and policies
  6. maintain a clean and tidy classroom environment
  7. organize & take part in form/ class-based activities to address students’ needs
  8. establish two-way parent-teacher communication between school and families

Form Coordination

- Objectives
  • To create a culture of support and collaboration among form teachers.
  • To grow a shared belief and mutual goals among form teachers on nurturing students’ whole-person development.
  • To provide platform for form teachers to share their ideas with each other and to work together toward building school-wide best practices.
  • To develop standards and protocols among form teachers for effective classroom management to impact student learning positively.

Committee Members

Form Coordination Committee 2021-22:

Mr. Chu Kut Leung
  [S.1 Form Coordinator]
Mr. Li Ming Fai
  [S.2 Form Coordinator]
Ms Wong Oi Man
  [S.3 Form Coordinator]
Mr. Tang Chun Wai
  [S.4 Form Coordinator]
Mr. Yuen Kwan Hung
  [S.5 Form Coordinator]
Ms Chan Kwan Ngor
  [S.6 Form Coordinator]